5 Tips To Clean Baby Toys

The toys in your child’s possession are among their most priceless items, and they are with them practically always (sometimes even during the night). Nearly every toy they play with ends up in their mouth even as they pull it around the house. Unclean toys can carry numerous germs that enter a child’s body through the mouth and are the sole reason for many children being sick. Knowing how to clean baby toys is necessary if you want to keep your child healthy since removing germs is crucial. Here’s how to clean each toy your child has. You must also make sure that the playroom or nursery is kept spic and span to ensure the health of the baby. You can also hire a reputed house cleaning service if you need a helping hand.

Cleaning baby toys

Cleaning stuffed toys

Fabric toys are likely to get very dirty and can harbour dangerous bacteria. Look at the toy’s label to choose the most effective cleaning method. If they can be washed in a machine, be sure to use a mild detergent that has been deemed safe for young children. To combat bacteria, you could add a cup of vinegar. For toys that cannot be machine washed, softly hand-wash with a mild soap before letting them air dry in the sun.

Use vinegar

Consider cleaning toys with vinegar and water solution as an alternative to using a harsh chemical like bleach. Small toys made entirely of plastic can be dipped into the solution and left to soak when you’re cleaning them. If you have larger plastic or wooden toys, or those that involve batteries or electrical wires, soak a cloth with vinegar and water and wipe them off. Alternatively, you can spray the cleaner on the toys and then wipe them down.

Cleaning rubber toys

Toys made of rubber can also be cleaned with soapy water. To preserve their texture, it is best to wash these by hand. You can also use a sponge to scrub the surface and remove any ingrained debris. Allow them to soak in the soapy water for about an hour before washing so the soap can remove the grime. They can be thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush and some vinegar.

Boil the toys

To clean and sanitise hard, plastic toys, simply boil them. A saucepan, a burner, and water are all that is required. However, before placing a toy in boiling water, ensure sure the label does not forbid this, exactly as you would when washing toys in the washing machine. Additionally, make sure the item is free of batteries and electrical cables and that boiling water won’t melt it or damage it.

Cleaning silicone toys

Your infant can play with these toys since they are soft, squishy, light, and flexible. They are convenient, but they also spread a good number of germs when handled. Because heat alters the texture of these materials, they cannot be boiled. They must be cleaned using a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water, allowed to sit for a short period of time, and then rinsed and allowed to air dry. Additionally, you can clean them by soaking them in warm, soapy water.

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