A Beginners Guide To Playing The Tatts Lotto

The Saturday Lotto has been around in Australia for over 40 years, with prizes split into six divisions. Playing the Tatts Lotto doesn’t draw too much money for ticket prices, unlike the cases of the Powerball and other lottery games in the country. With the draw held every Saturday, the Saturday Lotto gives every Australian a fair chance at becoming a millionaire.

A Little History

The first draw of the Tatts Lotto took place in 1972 and was televised in Melbourne, the draw already gaining traction as the first of its kind back in those days. Currently, thanks to advanced computer technology and software tools, buying and validating tickets isn’t as hectic as it was back then. As of 2022, rewards ranging from a million dollars to even two million, depending on the odds, can be claimed by winners every week. 

Playing The Tatts Lotto

The ticket consists of lines with six numbers embedded on it, representing one game and a single chance to win. Players buying the ticket from news agencies or authorised stores can choose the numbers manually or use online sorting functions to generate numbers at random. 

The numbers can be drawn like this:

  • The numbers are drawn from a range of 1-45 as opposed to the 1-40 from the earlier Saturday Lotto ticket versions. The six numbers will be inclusive to the range of 1-45. Two numbers are then drawn as supplementary numbers.
  • There are six divisions in the game, and for winning division 1, all the six numbers from the ticket must match the six numbers from the draw on Saturday. Although the numbers can be in any order, players can still win even if they have only three numbers.

The different divisions in this Lotto:

  • Winning division 1 takes all the six winning numbers.
  • Division 2 requires matching five winning numbers and an additional supplementary number.
  • Division 3 is won by matching only five winning numbers.
  • Four winning numbers are required to win division 4.
  • Division 5 can be claimed by matching three winning numbers and one supplementary number.
  • Any three winning numbers must match to win Division 3.

Although prizes are set at around a few million dollars, regular super draws are also held for 20 million dollars plus winnings. Keep in mind that the odds are about 1 in 8 million.

Getting The Payments Checked Out

It’s better to take these precautions to ensure that there are no discrepancies in payment: 

  • Always sign the name on the ticket and take a picture or two to be on the safe side. Pictures will help players in case of a win or during legal matters. Keep the ticket in a safe space until the officials are sure of the win and clear the paperwork for the winner to collect the money.
  • Although most states have no regulations regarding anonymity, players are requested to use trusts or other foundations to protect their identity while claiming their winnings.
  • It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer, accountant and financial adviser to help you make better decisions regarding the money and legal proceedings.
  • Avoid as much contact as possible with other people, news channels, media groups and paparazzi until everything dwindles. Change your contact information and switch to a temporary phone number for the time being.
  • With the help of professionals, plan out what to do with money and write down your different goals and ambitions. Don’t squander away all the winnings carelessly. If done right, the money can give the player a chance to turn a new leaf.
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