A Guide to Tasting Single Malt Whisky.

Get those tulip glasses out, pop the cork, and pour yourselves a dram, lads and lasses! The rich amber beverage you are about to down is single malt whisky. You don’t simply sip, swallow, and move on with your life. That’s because your tongue and throat will feel a variety of flavours erupt and textures emerge. It’s quite the experience, really. If you’re making your drinking debut, this guide is for you so you’ll know the right things to say to your pals with seasoned palates at the next big family get-together or after-work party.

Choose the Right Glassware.

When drinking single malt whisky, you can never go wrong with a tulip glass. With their round bodies that flare at the lip, they retain the aroma of your single malt whisky. Their neat shape and stubby stems allow you to swirl your drink easily. Staining your pristine white shirt or your host’s carpet will be the least of your worries. The right glassware also showcases the colour of your single malt whisky.

Assess the Colour.

The colour of your whisky is an indicator of its age. Young single malts can range from pale gold to yellow gold. Medium-age whiskies come in hues like burnished copper or honey. As for old whiskies, their colours resemble mahogany and treacle. When in doubt about the exact age of your drink, consult the label. The older the whiskey, the deeper the colour as well as the smell and taste.

Get a Noseful.

Interestingly, what we call “tasting” is actually a multisensory experience. If you’re new to single malt whisky, it’s enough that you discern flavour categories like wood, fruit, and nut. Leave the connoisseurs to contend over Irish oak and Scottish oak, or honey and dark chocolate. Inhale slowly and gently to enjoy a gradual buildup and revelation of aromas. As your olfactory system is fragile, inhaling aggressively is not recommended for those with sinusitis or allergies.

Take a Tiny Sip.

Instead of downing your single malt whisky in one go, take a small sip. Try to put your finger on each note in the ensuing symphony of notes. The ideal gustatory experience happens when you serve your whiskey neat because ice cubes, club soda, and water will — what can we say? — water down the richness. If you’re up for a few more glasses but have to drive yourself or someone else home, take your whisky with a splash of water or a scoop of crushed ice. Tiny sips help you grow gradually accustomed to the amount of alcohol instead of it hitting your throat full force all at once.

Experience the Finish.

Whiskey is a drink in four acts: seeing, smelling, sipping, and the grand finale. The aftertaste of single malt whisky is just as important as its taste. For an intense finish, swirl the whiskey in your mouth. Bite down on it because taste is not elicited by the tongue alone. The floor and roof of your mouth, your teeth, the inside of your cheeks, and the different stages of your throat all participate in this evocation of flavour.

Now that you have a primer in the fine art of drinking single malt whiskey, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a dram, swirl, sip, and savour.

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