How to Prepare CSIR NET & UGC NET Without Coaching?

The Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or Lectureship positions at Indian universities and colleges are selected through the CSIR Exam and UGC NET Exam, administered by the National Testing Agency. To clear the CSIR NET and UGC NET 2022 on your first attempt, it’s essential to have a solid mentality. Practice online with BYJU’s Exam Prep to practice CSIR NET Question Papers and UGC NET Question Paper highlighting the strong and weak areas, and amendments can be made accordingly in your preparation strategy. The main differences are outlined below, along with advice on preparing for and passing the CSIR NET and UGC NET exams on your first attempt without coaching.

Some Important Advice for Preparing at Home for UGC NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam is given below:

Understand and memorize the CSIR Syllabus and UGC NET Syllabus:

  • Candidates who want to clear the CSIR NET and UGC NET Exam in their first attempt always take the time to read the CSIR NET Syllabus & UGC NET Syllabus carefully and memorize it.
  • The candidate should always list topics regularly coming into the exam.
  • Based on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, a detailed comparison of all the syllabus topics should be made.
  • A printout should be attached to the candidate’s study table. Permanently mark the topic as completed to your knowledge.
  • Completing a topic from the syllabus gives additional motivation and a sense of achievement.
  • Always memorize the syllabus to keep the target in mind at all times.

Understand CSIR NET & UGC NET Exam Pattern:

  • The candidate should be familiar with the CSIR NET and UGC NET Exam pattern, application process, and most recent topics in question papers.
  • For both exams, the candidate should know the time limit, the marking system, and the proper way to examine the question paper.
  • The candidate should understand the CSIR NET & UGC NET Exam, including key dates, application requirements, and other essential details.

Effective Study Techniques for CSIR NET and UGC NET

  • To better understand the subject, make note-taking a habit. Create handwritten notes so you’ll remember them when it comes time to revise.
  • The chapter’s essential parts are prepared using reference books and put directly in the revision notebook. Making notes will assist you in avoiding having to reopen large reference books constantly.
  • Ensure you understand the subject after clearly understanding the basics and then perform the mugging activity.
  • The notes of the candidates will assist them in gathering the critical subjects in one location. To effectively prepare for the questions that will be on the exam, candidates should study a variety of books.
  • When taking notes, applicants should use diagrams, flowcharts, bullets, and boxes to efficiently and effectively remember the information.
  • Always prioritize the notes according to the analysis of the question papers. Try to cover up the portion which covers the entire syllabus.
  • You can also refer to online preparation apps such as BYJU’s Exam Prep to get expert guidance and prepare for the exam best.

Reference Books for CSIR NET & UGC NET

  • The books suggested for the CSIR NET and UGC NET Exams should all be purchased by the candidates.
  • If the candidate has trouble finding hard copies, buy the book in digital form.
  • The candidate should not be reluctant to purchase books or obtain quality books as an investment in education.

Solving Previous Year’s Question Paper for CSIR NET & UGC NET Exam

  • Previous years’ papers clearly show what questions are asked in the CSIR NET & UGC NET exams.
  • Ensure procuring lots of previous year’s papers to practice well and note the changes that happened over the years.
  • Previous years’ papers helped trim down the topics covered in the syllabus of both exams.
  • Previous year papers also help the candidate analyze the framing of questions and get clarification concepts accordingly.

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